What Being Successful & Rich Looks Like to Me

by January Harshe on May 23, 2017

This is what being successful and rich looks like to me. It may look like something different you and that’s OK!

About 60 months of pregnancy, two miscarriages, some births that were traumatic and others that were healing, postpartums that went smooth and others that were overwhelming and intense with depression and anxiety, and a lifetime honorary spot on #teamnosleep earned.

This love though, THIS amount of unconditional LOVE, is immeasurable and a gift that can’t be bought no matter how much money you have.

They are hope when life is difficult. They are the pure light in dark moments. They are the next generation. They will move mountain, make change, and love fiercely. They are my why in this life and I pour everything I possibly can into loving, raising, and guiding them. One day I’ll be surrounded by their partners and spouses, their children (some human and as my oldest has assured me only fur babies for her) and this love will be multiplied more than I can fathom.

To me, I am the wealthiest women on the planet and I’m so grateful. It’s all worth it friends and we are doing the most important work on this planet. Never doubt it.


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Ordinary is Amazing Even in Motherhood

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