Be Honest. Be Authentic. Be Original.

Be Honest. Be Authentic. Be Original.

be authentic

This seems basic, right? In my four plus years of blogging, speaking, doing events, etc. there are people who really strive to be honest and authentic. I love those people. Then there are people who probably have great intentions, but just don’t know how to be original. So it then causes them to be dishonest and far from authentic.

I don’t typically have time to see this stuff for myself, so it’s usually a PM on Facebook or an email or text. “Hey, so and so said this” or “They are copying you with that.”

My response is always the same. There’s a little exasperation or “Ugh, not again.” However, it doesn’t ruin my day. Ever. Why? Because I am sure of myself and what I do. Everything I do, I do with my heart. What others do….that has NOTHING to do with me.

That is the message I want you to take from this. If someone is copying your work, being dishonest, spreading lies about you….guess what? That is not your problem. It has nothing to do with you. That is all them. The amazing part is, if you walk away and let them be them, it will show. You don’t have to do a thing.

I’ve had people email me about using similar names to my work and I tell them, “You know what? That is not copyright infringement. You are more than welcome to use that. However, you won’t be taken as seriously and you won’t reach as many people and how will that help you with your goals?” It’s that simple.

And sometimes we all screw up. We aren’t perfect. I’m not. We say we are sorry, we mean it, and we move forward and do better.

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