Organic Homemade Coffee with Coffee ‘Ice’ Cubes

by January Harshe on October 9, 2014

I’ve posted a few pictures of my homemade coffee using coffee cubes. People ask what they are and it’s so simple I’m just going to show you.

Disclaimer: this is not Pinterst. This is January Harshe. Therefore, do not expect pictures that are beautiful, sparkly, and without mistakes. I’m all about blurry and real life. Besides, I have enough sparkle already.

Here we go. First you make some coffee. I used an organic one in my Keurig. I even cleaned the ice cube tray. Extra points for me!

coffee cubes

Next, pour said coffee into tray. Now, don’t even bother not trying to spill. Adults are really just grown toddlers anyways. Enjoy pouring it in and spilling. Then freeze.


After you pull yourself out of bed (which some mornings only the thought of coffee can do), pull out your coffee paraphernalia. Here was mine this morning. Yes, I reuse pasta jars. Habit from when I was broke.

coffee cubes

This is the point I get excited. Look at that yummy frozen coffee. I mean really, how can you not get thrilled at the anticipation?

coffee cubes

This is where I should show you my cold cream is in with the cubes, but again, I’m not Pinterest and didn’t get a good shot, so this will take its place. Getting ready to pour…

coffee ice cubes

Again, pour your coffee and don’t be afraid of spilling. Watch the cream (or whatever you use) and coffee swirl together in harmony.

homemade coffee organic

Now add your sweetener of choice and stir. See? Gorgeous homemade coffee and a mess. Perfect. That’s life.


Now, there is one more important step. Make another cup of coffee and freeze some more coffee cubes. This is very important because if you wake up and don’t have any you will be sad. Very sad.


Enjoy! *Yes, I reuse other cups too.

coffee bump

Edited to add: then I started adding whipped cream. OH MY HEAVENS.


coffee two

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Candice October 9, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Hello! I discovered your Instagram recently and this is my first time checking out your blog. Can’t wait to try this. You made me laugh with the pasta jar thing because I can relate and do that too hehe. Thanks for posting!


Kati Kelley October 9, 2014 at 1:09 pm

I learned two VERY important things here; reuse pasta jars and ice cube coffee!! LOVE!! Thank you for being wonderful 🙂


Nancy October 12, 2014 at 12:06 am

Get out of town: this is better than Pinterest! This is real
Life! Life is meant for messes! I have to admit: I didn’t read this because I have a huge desire to make it: rather, I can’t get enough of your writing. Direct. Perfect. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air!


Kate Pray October 31, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Thanks, babe! Love your mess!


Meghan December 7, 2015 at 5:47 am

Thanks for being my tribe. You are wonderful and preach my thoughts, it’s very refreshing. And Amen to the coffee ice cubes such a stellar idea especially when iced coffee tends to be enjoyed on the ice has melted and is a diluted mess!


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