I Wish I Had An Ounce Of Your Confidence…

I Wish I Had An Ounce Of Your Confidence…

This is something I’m told often. Especially after people see a picture of me in my underwear. What they don’t realize is they can. Just as easy as I can. It may come down to a minute by minute, hour by hour, or day by day CHOICE. We have to replace the negative thoughts that easily flow through our minds with positive ones.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get all, “Ask the universe to do it for you.”  Hear me out. You may not even realize how rampant these negative thoughts are until you consciously pay attention. For me, I realized this…

your body is amazing

My body has made FIVE human beings and is currently growing a 6th. Holy moly! That is INCREDIBLE. How can I even have the audacity to sit here and hate it? Rude!

Starting each morning these familiar, self inflicted, rude comments would pop into my head. One day I decided I would literally stop them. I’d think, “Nope, not going there. I have today. Only today that I can be sure of. Why spend it hating myself? I am beautiful, loved, sexy, and amazing. I CHOOSE to either love myself or hate myself. Today, I choose love.”

I’d remind myself as often as possible, replacing the rude with the love.

Guess what happened? I woke up one day (after months of this) and simply loved myself. I stopped being an asshole to myself. Sure, I have hard days, but I snap out of it quickly, resorting to the replacement of rude with love and it’s easier to do now. Why? Because I truly do love myself.

We deserve our own love. Did you read that? You deserve your own love. As much as you love others. So please, give it to yourself and do so freely. Yourself will thank you for it.

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  1. This has brought tears to my eyes. I struggled to get pregnant and did through ivf. I lost a baby and now have a beautiful boy, who loves me so much. My body has scars and bumps and i wish i was skinnier…but i made HIM. And he has helped me learn to love my body. and so did you, right now. noone has ever told me before that i deserve my own love, like i love others. Thanks january.

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