When In Doubt, Walk Away {No More Drama}

When In Doubt, Walk Away {No More Drama}

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I have been involved in blogging and social media for 4 1/2 years and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never respond to hate. The exception is harmful slander, bullying, and threats…in that case get the law involved.

Petty drama and insults? Those are not worth your time. It happens to me pretty much daily at this point. Most of the time I walk away, ignore, respond with “Thank you for your feedback” and I’m done with it. The few times I respond…I am quickly reminded why I usually walk away. I alway regret it. It is NEVER EVER worth it. Please listen to me here. Block people, delete the email, walk away. It is not worth the energy or bringing down your blessed day to argue with someone, especially online. You will never come away from an argument feeling like you accomplished something joyful or peaceful.

I had this shift in thinking and reacting (or more like not reacting) over time. Once someone said to me, “Well, you obviously have an agenda.” I thought on it and I realized they were right. The only response I could come up with was, “You’re right, I do. Thank you for noticing.” How could I be offended by her amazing observation?!

Many times, insults truly are not an insult. The person may mean it as such, but doesn’t mean we have to process it as such. Aha! Light bulb moment. How you see yourself and how you react to what others say about you, or to you, is completely up to you.

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Remember this: if you are confident in your choices, you really won’t care what anyone thinks. The other day I shared the 7th birthday of my rad little girl and a snippet of how her birth was (a vaginal birth after two cesareans at almost 44 weeks pregnant). There is SO MUCH to that story that sharing all the details (in text) online doesn’t seem appropriate to me. Regardless, I was sharing to celebrate our victory and her life.

Most people made kind comments. A few said things like, “Obviously you don’t care about risks or your child” and “How would you know how far along you are because you are obese.” *snort*

I could not care less what these people say. I am confident enough in my choices that their opinion means absolutely nothing. I only share it now as an example. All the love…that means something. That is what I take in.

Choose to take in the love, be confident, and walk away from the misguided, senseless drama.

Listen to me. I’m right.

2 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Walk Away {No More Drama}

  1. I once read, “you do not need to attend every argument you are invited to”. That was so freeing for me.
    Please though, if you need some mental space from the relentless drama that is “online”, do take it. As you know, this is a precious time in your life and you deserve to be able to take the time to bask in it. If you need to “log off” for a few days/weeks… We’ll understand. (Well, those of is who matter will?).

  2. to an amazing and confident mumma!

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    I am an early 20’s Australian girl who only dreams of being a mumma and a great one at that. Your blogging has brought so much knowledge and empowerment to myself on topics from pregnancy to birth and beyond. I recently found out due to spine issues I will never have a baby vaginally and this got me thinking about all those people who would say negative things about me having c-sections to them I say this, ” I am having a c-section because I CHOOSE to, I CHOOSE to have a healthy and happy baby and I CHOOSE to be a healthy and happy mumma! If I was selfish enough to have a vaginal birth I’d also be selfish in the way my kids wouldn’t have an active mumma thy deserve instead thy would have a mumma in a wheel chair” so thank you for giving me the confidence in my choice (even if medical reasons brought me o my choice) and thank you for empowering me to be proud of my choice.

    Bless you and your family for helping empower others!
    Much love x

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