Be Proud to Be Different!

Be Proud to Be Different!

Proud to be differentSomeone said to me the other tonight (I’m summarizing), “Chiropractic for babies and children is weird.”

Well then, I’m proud to be weird.

Being different is not bad. Someone pointing it out doesn’t have to be an insult. Remember, one of my favorite things to say in response to ‘insults; is, “Thank you for noticing” or “Thank you for your feedback.”

Embrace what is unique about you. It makes you…YOU.

P.S. Look how sexy my bearded man is adjusting a baby.

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3 thoughts on “Be Proud to Be Different!

  1. I am so grateful for chiropractic treatment on babies. Our daughter had reflux and suffered for 11 months, untill we found a very good chiroprat. After just one session, she was sleeping 5 hours and the reflux stoppet.

  2. Weird gets results! My first son had hip dysplasia, torticollis & plagiocephaly.
    The pediatric orthopedic surgeon had no suggestions for my poor baby who was stuck (as in, couldn’t rotate his neck to the left) other than physically therapy. I foolishly mumbled something about ” Maybe taking him to the chiropractor” and was promptly admonished about the dangers of chiropractic treatment upon children.
    My awesome chiropractor rolled his eyes when I told him what the doc said. He had me hold my baby on my chest, felt around his neck for a moment, and did the two lightest adjustments with the activator. My one month old immediately turned his head left and looked straight in my eyes. Instant relief for him, instant tears for me!
    Each of my babies since then gets a trip to the chiropractor shortly after birth. My current chiropractor does craniosacral sacral and stretching that babies seem to love. Who wouldn’t want a little loving massage and stretching after being born?


  3. Life with my youngest would have been a nightmare if I hadn’t taken her to a chiropractor when she was a month old. It is seriously the best thing ever!! She had quit pooping after a long road trip and I didn’t want to load her up with things that were bad for her in the name of getting her to poop. I started taking her to the chiropractor and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She was back to functioning normally after just a few adjustments.

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