A Love Story {January and Brandon Harshe}

A Love Story {January and Brandon Harshe}

{Brandon and January Harshe}

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-11

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-15

I met my husband when I was 17. He was a punk kid and I was a loud mouth. Both of us unsure of our place in the world. Some things are the same, some are different. He channels his punk energy into being goofy and I channel my loud mouth into speaking to inspire. I guess growing up has its benefits.

We didn’t start dating until a year after we graduated high school. A mutual friend invited him over to my house for a BBQ. He wasn’t going to come over, but decided he had nothing better to do. When I answered the door as a young 19 year old, I had my long mermaid hair and was wearing striped rainbow pants (not kidding). I said, ‘Hey Harshe’ and hugged him.

I think he started falling then. I know I did.

After a summer of hanging out as friends, I knew I was going to marry him. We simply connected, enjoyed each other’s company and were attracted to one another. We are also both fiercely committed type of people. What else do two young people need?

If it were that simple.

We dated three years before eloping in Maui, Hawaii. It was perfect and I’d do it that way again. It was uncomplicated and just about our love and the start of our marriage. We were 22 and still trying to figure out what to do with our lives.

We then had children at the ages of 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32. We are expecting baby number six in a few months. There’s a novel to be written in those years, but this is a simple blog post. Countless moves, years in school, fun times, and dark times, successes, failures, sadness, joy, and a journey I wouldn’t want to do with anyone else.

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On social media, I share moments that we capture, my love for my husband, and his love for me. Many people say, “You are so lucky.”

Remember when I said up there if only it were that easy? A long lasting marriage has absolutely nothing to do with luck. Nothing. Yes, we are in love, happy, and thriving. There’s something special about turning 35 that I can’t deny. It’s been an amazing year. However, what people see is not a simple picture. Behind it there is years of love, hard work, dedication, arguments, make ups, forgiveness and passion. Never giving up no matter how hard it got.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, I just see us wading through it hand in hand. As long as we have each other, we can take what the world throws our way.

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana

We are best friends. Our favorite things to do are to laugh and spend time together. With five children, a few businesses, and constantly on the go, we have to make it a priority to get that together. We are happier when we do.

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-21

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-29

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-4

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-2

I adore this man and he adores me and there is nothing more comforting and wonderful in this world.

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10 thoughts on “A Love Story {January and Brandon Harshe}

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for emphasizing the hard work and ups-and-downs. I’m not sure that one-sided, all-happy love stories exist in reality or truth, but I’m not sure that they would be enviable if so. Balance and down-sides are essential to triumph and growth. Cheers to your enduring love.

  2. So sweet and encouraging. Sometimes we need a reminder that marriage is a journey with ups and downs and it is up to us how we face and view that journey. Thanks:)

  3. You said it perfectly…all of IT! It’s hard work, it’s not luck! It’s freaking hard work for both. But making each other, each other’s #1 priority makes it happen. The pictures are gorgeous, the video is lovely (we’re having a family one made right now..can’t wait til it’s done!!!). You guys are so great together! I love reading happy posts like this that help me remember and realize how great I have it as well!

  4. So beautiful! We have four children and have been married almost 8 years. You are so right that a successful and thriving marriage has nothing to do with luck. Dedication and determination keep a marriage going, but when its good, its awesome!!!! Congratulations on your newest addition 🙂

  5. That was beautiful. Hit Home. We ‘only’ have 4, but I’m ‘only’ about to be 28 and he is 30. We have been through the struggles, problems, and troubles but our love is more fierce and our desire to work on preserving our marriage is tenacious. 10 years in April and still strong despite it all. It is very heartwarming to see other devoted couples who have been there and lead the way with their exemplary values. Thank you for sharing. The pics are and story are touching and you are absolutely gorgeous. That hair. Those candid shots. LOVE IT. Hey, You could name baby number six ‘Journey’!…Odessa….Elemiah or something along those line….Or not 😉 Thanks for this post!

  6. It’s not often that I meet or read about such a like-minded person, with such a similar (yet so different!) life as mine. I’m loving your posts, this is about the 3rd or 4th one I’ve read (tonight) since I found your blog through your facebook page yesterday. I admire you and the inspiration you give and the positivity you exude from each of your posts. Yes, marriage is work, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like much work when both people repect and love and trust one another. OPEN & HONEST COMMUNICATION is the biggest key. I will be married 5 years in October, and we’ve been living together for 7 years. I am constantly and consistently amazed at our relationship. Thank you for being such an inspiration and congrats on “Beard Baby” 🙂

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