All About That Beard…

All About That Beard…

all about the beardI never thought I would be all about the beard, but I sure as heck am. There’s a certain sexiness that comes with a beard if it’s worn with responsibility. Heck, it got me pregnant!

Here, let me show you.


january and brandon harsheAfter.

January and Brandon Harshe by birth photographer Kalimana-2

Enough said.



3 thoughts on “All About That Beard…

  1. I put up one of our wedding pics as my profile pic yesterday for our anniversary and took a minute to figure out why he looked so WEIRD to me….he only had a goatee at the time (which I loved at the time), and he’s been full bearded for three years now. He used to go back to a goatee during the summer, but when I was pregnant with the 2 yo, he shaved and I had a complete meltdown over it (I blame the hormones). He grew it back and it’s been full and sexy ever since! 🙂 Come to think of it….our 2 year old was conceived right around the time he’d have been growing it out for the winter. Hmmm…..

  2. Big fan of beards here. Hubby has a magnificent beard and during my pregnancy I kept dreaming of a toddler with a full beard.

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