Taking Back PostPartum {Instagram}

Taking Back PostPartum {Instagram}

What in the world does that mean? Take it back from who?

Society. That’s who. Companies, gimmicks, spammers, those that tell us we are not good enough.

I love Instagram. I run the BWF and January Harshe accounts. Like with anything there are issues though. What can be used for good, can also be used for bad. It’s us that has control of that.

Anytime mothers hashtag their beautiful photos of themselves, their babies, their motherhood lives, even their pregnancies, births, healthy food and exercise pics…they are harassed. People comment or message them telling them if they want to actually look good then they can ‘help’ with their product.

Just no.

Getting healthier and fit is awesome! Moms comes in all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. We are all on our own journey and progressing and working through our crazy, tired, postpartum, motherhood lives the best we can at any given time. This is not about comparing. This is about becoming united.

We do not need to be told we are not good enough.

We do not need chemical laden lotions, potions, or saran wrap. What we need is love, grace, friendship, and support.

I used the hashtag #postpartum on Birth Without Fear IG recently and came to discover that the hashtag was FULL of gimmicks, spam, and the opposite of self love. I call it self hate. Mothers constantly tell me they are followed and messaged by these self hate accounts when they use #birthwithoutfear (among others). How in the world did this happen?! It’s like there has been a sneak attack in the middle of the night. Well, I’m outing it right here and now.

Postpartum is full of hormones, little sleep, survival mode, and figuring out a million different things with our new babies (and possibly toddlers and teenagers on top of it). It’s trying to breastfeed, getting a groove back in your marriage or relationship, and our bodies taking time to heal. It’s a roller coaster ride that is personal and different to each person and family going through it, but is also similar enough that most of us can relate on some level.

LET’S TAKE BACK POSTPARTUM. We are mothers and strong women. Our collective voice is so powerful that we can shake the entire world.

Why a hashtag? It’s a start. It’s a movement. It’s a way to speak up and say this is not OK.

Use #postpartum in as many of your pictures and posts as possible on Instagram (and other social medias). We are using #postpartum as well as #motherhood #mom #momlife #stopcensoringmotherhood #4thtrimester #birthwithoutfear.

If you are harassed or spammed, block them. Shut down the voices of hate and shaming and outshine it with our positive voice of normalizing motherhood, postpartum and body positivity. Whether you are a tone and ripped mama, naturally thin, or plus size (and ALL in-between), you are good enough and doing enough right now in this given moment. You are brave, smart, beautiful, and powerful.

Look how quickly we have made a change under #postpartum in just minutes on Instagram!

january harshe instagram

We must be persistent. Do this every time you post from now on!

*Also, for men reading this…you too should not be shamed. You are strong, capable, loving and wonderful! Tag your pics with #postpartum, #fatherhood #dadlife. You can make just as much of a difference. As human beings and parents, let’s stand united.

ETA: In less than 24 hours thousands of new pictures have been tagged under #postpartum and we have created #takebackpostpartum. It’s amazing what a group of people can do when they come together to do good. Keep it up!

take back postpartum

6 thoughts on “Taking Back PostPartum {Instagram}

  1. I just say that after 4 kids, including a set of twins, my body has been remodeled for a good cause 🙂 Hey, it’s how we all got here!

  2. I’ve seen the postpartum hashtag for a few days now. Just made my way over here and I am in tears after seeing the before and after screen shots of instagram! This is so RIGHT this is so BEAUTIFUL this is LOVE THIS IS MOTHERHOOD. This is what it is to create and carry a life inside our body. These are the reasons I am proud to call my self a Goddess.

  3. Hey I started following you on IG because I need support dealing with a tough labor. And your site has truly helped. Thank you. You have no idea how much this has helped

  4. Has anyone dealt with a rectocele prolapse here? I was just diagnosed last week with one and really struggling to accept something is wrong with my body.

  5. I first saw your page on Instagram. I was very moved by what you all are about. It was inspiring and just so amazing. I googled postpartum and couldn’t believe how many creams and lotions they had to “fix” our bellies. I was so upset. But then inspired by your page. Thank you. Hope you can read my blog!

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