Cesarean Without Fear {Beard Baby}

Cesarean Without Fear {Beard Baby}

january harshe beard baby

Many of you know our sweet #beardbaby was born Sunday. This is our sixth baby. Our first two births were cesareans and our following three were VBA2Cs (hospital and home). Most our babies were born between 42 1/2-43 1/2 weeks.

I preach constantly to follow our intuition. I did this whole pregnancy, just like I did with my others. I was under the care of amazing midwives as well as a wonderful OB. I had options and support. I also tell mamas that each pregnancy, birth, and baby are different. Following our instincts for one will be a different journey than for another. Birth is unpredictable, amazing, and pushes us to limits we never thought possible.

This little miss is like her siblings and thinks I have the best womb in the universe, so she stayed in until about 43 weeks! I woke up Sunday and there was no denying my instincts were telling me that it was the day she needed to be earthside to be safe and healthy.For a few reasons, we chose a cesarean (I’ll share more on that later). I am 1000% OK with this decision because it was MY choice. I did what was right for this baby. It is NOT a disappointment! It is HER birth story. I’m so happy she is here.

Now, recovering from a cesarean is a bitch, so send me healing vibes for that. I’ll share more pics and tidbits in the following week. Isn’t she amazing? #birthwithoutfear #cesareanwithoutfear


Photos by {Leilani Rogers, Photographer}.

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