Video Message About PostPartum Self Care

Video Message About PostPartum Self Care

After speaking over the last two years, I came to realize a huge difference in how a message is delivered and received when in person with tone, expressions, and interaction versus in text online. So, I started doing a few short videos on Instagram recently.

Here is one I did quickly this morning while baby peacefully slept.

The care we take of ourselves (or don’t) will play a huge role in the following year(s) of motherhood. Slow down, ask for and accept offered help. We are not meant to do this alone.

3 thoughts on “Video Message About PostPartum Self Care

  1. Amen, amen, AMEN!! It pains me to see women out and about within days of giving birth. I got some great advice from a friend. She said to take care of myself after birth or it could take years to get back to where I was. I really took that advice and urge others to do so. There are people who want to help and we can accept it without guilt!

  2. Love reading your posts and seeing your videos. You inspired me to go after the birth I wanted. The way you own yourself and your decisions is awesome. I went more than two weeks over my guess date and ultimately decided on an induction. Although I never needed pitocin and labored naturally (aside from one dose of a cervical ripener) I questioned my decision and wondered if I should have waited. However, when I read your story about Beard Baby’s birth and how you followed your intuition it made me feel so much better about my own decisions regarding my birth which had made my postpartum that much better. Thank you for being inspiring and REAL.

  3. This video made me cry. I am a first time mother and felt isolated in my home within days of giving birth. Having a baby for the 1st time is overwhelming and I found myself crying everyday when I was by myself. I ended up going out with my husband and allowed a great number of visitors come to my home everyday to see my new baby. I am run down, I have no appetite, I am anxious and tired. Thank you for opening my eyes January. I will take better care of myself from today and put my needs first before any others. Thank you, thank you.

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