Birth Kit Giveaway {January Harshe}

Birth Kit Giveaway {January Harshe}

birth affirmationsAs you know, I recently gave birth to our sixth baby. During my pregnancy, I planned for a hospital birth as well as a home birth. Intuition is interesting…and amazing. As you also know, I had a cesarean birth after three VBA2C’s (vaginal birth after two cesareans).

This has left me with our home birth kit and supplies. I’ve let them sit as I process this pregnancy and birth experience and have decided I want to give them away to one of you. They should be passed on to another woman planning the arrival of her sweet baby.

The birth kit is from In His Hands an includes these items: king size mattress cover, trash bags, ziploc freezer bags, tape measure, in ant hats, stretch briefs, straws, lube jelly, cord ring, gloves, bulb syringe, gauze, peri bottle, depends, and underpads.

Also, with this giveaway will be some of my favorite Earth Mama Angel Baby items for postpartum care and a set of Birth Without Fear affirmation cards.

To enter, visit my instagram at @january_harshe. Giveaway ends midnight Wednesday (March 11th), winner announced Thursday.

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  1. Hi January! 28 weeks pregnant and super inspired by you. Just visited your Insta for the giveaway. Hope this comment enters me in the raffle. Take care!

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