Fat Is No Longer A Shameful Word To Me

Fat Is No Longer A Shameful Word To Me

I recently called myself a fat vegan (more on the reasons why vegan soon). A sweet mama was offended for me (out of genuine care). So, I explained that I didn’t find that word fat shameful anymore. I truly don’t. I am all about self love, so in no way would I say something to put myself down. Let me explain.

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The word ‘fat’ no longer offends me. Why? Because I don’t give it that power. ‘Fat’ is just a word. I don’t define myself by labels and I sure as heck don’t let others. I do not need to photoshop or filter myself for anyone, especially myself.

If someone calls me fat, it’s like, “Stating the obvious much?” It’s like calling someone tall or skinny or short. It’s a descriptive word and only holds a negative meaning if I give it the permission to be so.

My five year old recently said to me, “Mom, your belly is so huge.”

I responded, “You’re right! It’s big. You know why? I had six babies grow in there!”

“Yep. You had six babies in that big tummy!”

Now, I could have seen that as something to be insecure about or to cry over later when she wasn’t looking. But let’s face it, that’s lame. I CREATED SIX HUMAN BEINGS. Who the heck cares if my belly is big. A five year old child doesn’t mean it to be insulting. They aren’t out to hurt your feelings. They call it as they see it.

What if we did that as adults? What if we saw ourselves with a child like perspective. Innocently and with wonder. Mind, consider yourself blown.

I want my children to see and hear me accepting my body as it is at any given moment. I want to be THAT example to them so they can accept themselves through their lives.

This week I did a few interviews for the media (amazing!). At one point, I was asked what kind of negative feedback I’ve had from sharing my body in pictures, because we all know the comments can get very nasty very quickly. I tried to think and drew a blank. At first, my response was, “Um um um…” Then I said, “You know, I can’t remember, because that’s how much I care what others think of my body!”

I really do not care. If someone were to call me fat, I’d probably respond with, “Um thanks? You’re tall.” Then, I’d buy them a drink, because they are clearly having a bad day if they are saying something stupid like that.

I was also asked about my weight in an interview (it was in context of our conversation) and I said I have no idea. I’m not my biggest, I’m not my smallest, I’m just somewhere in there. Does it matter? I’m healthy, happy, and my sexy bearded man can’t keep his hands off me.

We do have six kids for a reason…

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6 thoughts on “Fat Is No Longer A Shameful Word To Me

  1. Mind.Blown. You are so amazing and so beautiful! When my 14 year old son catches me looking in the mirror he always tells me, “you don’t need to look in the mirror, mom, you’re always beautiful.” I need to start believing him more often.

  2. This is great! I’m beginning to feel this way about myself. I am in the process of losing weight, but it’s for health reasons.

    I think what you’re doing is amazing. And you’re helping me feel more confident in my body as well. Thank you!

  3. This is amazing! I am at my heaviest after having my 3rd baby in January. I was always very thin as a child and in my 20’s so it’s been something I’m learning to be ok with. My body has changed so much with my babies but reading your blog and seeing your instagram photos has helped so much! Thank you!!! Plus you’re a fellow vegan! How awesome, are your babies vegan as well?

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