6 thoughts on “Social Media and Phones: The Ultimate Addiction and Distraction

  1. Thank you! I so need to do this. Realizing more and more lately that my phone is a distraction and shouldn’t keep me from playing with my daughter. I’m going to make a genuine effort to put the phone down and pick a toy airplane up. Definitely needed to hear this.

  2. I love the reference to crack! It IS a very blurry line. I had a really similar realisation earlier this year when I went swimming with my iPhone in my pocket, and couldn’t afford to replace it with another smart phone. It was hard for like two days, and then it was just so much better. I ended up leaving Facebook at the same time, which was the best parenting decision I’ve ever made, even though it wasn’t even directly related to parenting.

    I did find that missing music was the only thing I couldn’t get over, so when I did eventually get a new iPhone, I also got a MP3 player with bluetooth, so I can have music in my car, or when I’m out walking or whatever, without the distraction of my phone/apps/games/instagram/snapchat/whatever else can be on a phone these days. While I still love my iPhone and all the apps on it, and rely on it for maps especially, and it can make some chores so much easier, it’s not glued to my hand anymore, and never around during family time or me time. I don’t think most people realise how much they are on their phones until they can’t be anymore, and it takes time to learn how to function again!

    Although, I gotta say, I missed beard baby and your snapchats yesterday 😛

  3. Yes!
    I love this! I really hate going out to do family things and look over and my husband is glued to his phone. Playing games mostly. I feel my heart break when I say “oh! Babe look at Liam!” he asks what like 30 seconds later and totally misses the cool/cute things our 2yo son is doing.
    I think it is time to have a talk and really get into depth on our marriage, and son needs emotionally.

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