Team No Sleep {Solidarity and Hope}

Team No Sleep {Solidarity and Hope}

just want sleepAs I sit here at 1am (2am, 4am, 5:30-6:30am) nursing a teething baby back to sleep… again… all I can think of is how important sleep is for mental and physical health. My gallbladder is better when I sleep. Anxiety and depression are lighter. So many things improve with sleep. That also means they worsen with lack of sleep.

Everyone, but especially new mothers, need rest. The irony doesn’t escape me.

Most new parents (by new I mean the first few years of a child’s life) don’t get enough sleep. Babies have small tummies, irregular sleeping patterns, teething, growth spurts, separation anxiety, nightmares, teething again, and just when you figure it out…sleep regression.

I’ll share a few thoughts that may help.

First, it’s OK to let someone help you get a nap or sleep for a night here or there. If you can sleep don’t be a martyr. F*cking sleep. Second, it does get better. They do eventually sleep. The haze lifts and life becomes brighter again. Lastly, as a mom to six, sometimes you have to give it 3-4 years. Yep.

breastfeeding baby

So, if that’s the boat you are in and people don’t get it…I get it. I’m paddling along with you, drowsily, but we are in this together and the destination is worth the journey

Love, J

P.S. Teething is an asshole. The end.

Image by Leilani Rogers, Photographer

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