These Are Not Before Pictures

These Are Not Before Pictures

These will never be ‘before’ pictures.

january harshe

You know how you see before pictures of someone overweight and usually miserable next to thinner after pictures and then smiling? Where people think ‘when I’m this weight or lose/gain this much, then I will be happy’?

Fuck. That. Noise.

These will never be before pictures because they are NOW pictures. And right now I love myself. This body is badass. It has created six human beings. SIX! It has nourished those humans as well as a few others. It has given me 36 years of amazing experiences, love, and miracle creations.

These pictures simply document my journey and where I am now.

I am happy. Confident. Sexy. Right now.

Besides, these are actually after pictures. Me after a kick ass workout and a huge grin on my face. Me not using angles or filters or extra clothes to hide anything. Me laid bare to you…mind, body, and soul. I love myself NOW and will along my journey wherever that may take me.

I urge you to do the same. You deserve it and we should not waste one more day on anything but love.

Love y’all,

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