Dreams Do Come True {Don’t Give Up}

Dreams Do Come True {Don’t Give Up}

Dear friends,

The message I want to share with you today is dreams do come true. Not in the ‘fairytale, I will be rescued way’, but in the ‘work your ass off and don’t give up way’.

january harshe

I began Birth Without Fear and Take Back PostPartum because of my passion to help others. When I started #birthwithoutfear 5 1/2 years ago, my husband was a newly graduated chiropractor and we were beyond broke. In fact, we ended up homeless with four children and pregnant with our fifth due to plans falling apart. Plans are funny like that. I’ll share that story another time.

Through it all we stuck together, we pushed through, and I never stopped using my voice and platform to educate, inspire, and support women. I didn’t say a word about my personal struggles because they changed nothing and dwelling on my hardships, being a victim, would not bring me to my goals. Perseverance would.

We were blessed to get on our feet with a successful chiropractic business. BWF was taking up a lot of my time and my husband told me it was time to walk away from it or make it a business so I could continue doing it. Husbands are smart like that.

I had fears I had to face, but I did so. I wasn’t going to stop, so I moved forward through the uncertainty knowing I wanted to reach more people and take care of my children. That lead to @bwfmeetups. Never did I foresee planning and speaking at events, but I do and I love it. Meeting y’all face to face keeps me going with the social media side.

january harshe

So, if things are tough, if you’re struggling to make your dreams come true, if you are fighting to live for what you’re passionate about, DO NOT GIVE UP. I promise you the road eases at times and things fall into place. And no, life don’t just stay magical all the time, but it’s wonderful to work through struggles when you’re doing what you love.

Much love, J

2 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True {Don’t Give Up}

  1. Thank you I needed to see this today. Middle of nursing school , husband been unemployed for two months and so broke can’t get our son a hair cut. Just knowing that we will get through it makes me want to push harder.

  2. Thank you. I have followed you for quite some time now, across various forums. I adore your honesty. You (in part) coached me through my most recent delivery. This post, in particular, has inspired me to face the little voices inside telling me “you can’t” and begin my blog – not for anyone else, but simply to tap into the creative depths of myself which have been emptied for far too long. I’m kind of terrified, but I’m inspired. Happy New Year. Thank you.

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