How To Start Loving Yourself

How To Start Loving Yourself

january harshe

People tell me they wish they had an ounce of my confidence or ask me how I came to love myself for who I am.

First if all, I didn’t until I turned 35.

It started with me stopping my negative thoughts & replacing them with positive ones. You literally have to retrain your brain how to think. When I would have a negative thought about my body, I replaced it with a positive one. How my eyes are my pretty or my hair is amazing. I did this over and over again.

In the following days and weeks, I had to do it less and less. Until one day I woke up, looked in the mirror and my first thought about myself was, ‘Damn, you are beautiful.’

If even doing that seems hard, write down a positive thought, something you like about yourself, or an affirmation. Put it on your mirror or your phone’s lock screen so you see it often.

Do not waste another day, week, year, or decade not loving yourself. You deserve to be loved by you!

And I love you, too.

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