Grateful for the Exhaustion

Grateful for the Exhaustion

january harshe

My sweet baby, you are going through so many changes so fast. Standing on your own and trying to walk, making it known you want to taste new foods, suffering through teeth breaking through your tender gums, and transitioning to one nap. All while taking in the world around you.

You do it with a joyful spirit, smiling, laughing, and dancing to our own music.

It is exhausting for you and for us, but it is understandable that you want your mommy a lot and that restless sleep is a side effect as you take on these milestones.

Thank you for helping me remember what it’s like fur moms and dad going through their first year postpartum. Thank you for humbling me constantly. Thank you for bringing more hope and unconditional love into my life. Thank you for sweetly falling asleep at the breast today.

These moments are precious as they do not last. I am grateful for the exhaustion, because with it comes an infinite amount of joy and love.

Love, Mom

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