Team No Sleep. This is the Life!

Team No Sleep. This is the Life!

As I sit here at 1:45 AM after getting ‪#beardbaby‬ back to sleep, then checking on my other children because of exhausted induced anxiety, the only feeling I have is ‪#gratitude‬.

After I shared about our lack of sleep the other day on Instagram, I was told multiple times to ‘just CIO’ and that I was ‘doing this to myself’. Let me tell you that all those comments is make me reconfirm my strong beliefs that parenting is not just for when the sun is out. Nighttime parenting is reality and can’t be ignored.

I want this. Yes it’s hard, yes I can and will complain, but there are no regrets. I am so damn grateful to be a mother. To create life in my body, and then nourish, love, and raise amazing human beings. If I was childless and sleeping through the night, I would feel empty and sad. I would long to be awake nursing and cuddling a sweet baby.

team no sleep

Yes, this is the life!

So while ‪#‎teamnosleep‬ is hard as f•ck, it’s a team I am happy to play for. If you’re on this team with me, deep breaths mama. *Expectations can cause frustrations. Let go and find acceptance.*

If you wish you were and haven’t been yet or aren’t again, I am sending you so much love right this moment.

Much love, J

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