Promote Your Stuff

Promote Your Stuff

Have a product or business you want to promote? I can help you.

I am contacted daily be people asking me to share their products, projects, and companies. For free. Every day.

If I share your product, guess what’s going to happen? Magic. That’s what. You will have new followers, grow your audience to share your product with, and have an increase in sales. That is the power of a part unicorn, part mermaid goddess.

I will not do that for free. I value my very hard work and time too much to disrespect myself in such a way. Also, I have coffee to buy, 8 mouths to feed, and the same bills you do. Please show the same respect to me and my work that you want shown to you and your work.

OK, let me take off my sassy pants….wait I’m not wearing any (team no pants captain here). january harshe unicorn

If you want me to promote your product, do a giveaway, or a review, I can do that! I’d love to in fact. Especially other small businesses like myself.

  • This is my blog. Congrats on finding it!
  • My Instagram is @january_harshe and has 30,000 rad friends.
  • My Facebook (January Harshe) has 11,000 friends, and sometimes easily offended cry babies. We love them anyways.

To sponsor my blog, you can have a button/ad on the sidebar and a few organic, magical social media shares a month (we’d work out those details together) for $500 a month. I only have 3 spots available.

If you want a one time review and/or giveaway it is a one time fee of $300 (email for availability).

I work with very few sponsors via Birth Without Fear so that I can cultivate a loving, authentic relationship. I want to do the same through this blog/social medias where I can work with those who may do something outside of pregnancy and birth (or if you can’t afford BWF sponsor rates).

So bring on the vegan, body positive, wahm, etsy loving, amazingness. Unless you are Starbucks, Target, or Whole Foods…I always have a spot open for you to sponsor my life.

Love, January

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