Preschool Saves Lives

Preschool Saves Lives

This kid slays me. After a rough bedtime with him last night, we woke up to a fresh start this morning. I was in such a good mood and then the next two hours became full on mommy/preschooler warfare! He’s kind of like Buddy the Elf when he has to push every single button on the elevator because he just can’t help himself and just has see what happens. Except I am the elevator.

the bull

Frustrated, deep breaths, walking away, venting to my husband, and almost completely shutting down but didn’t… and we made out the door to head to preschool.

So as I was sinking into an epic grumpy mood, this child starts belting out #OneRepublic at the top of his lungs. It was so freaking cute. Then he told me, “Mommy you’re pretty.” Sigh. Well played kid.

Well. Effing. Played.

So, we jammed the heck out not caring who we would see. Singing, laughing, happy.

That’s how it works friends. That’s parenting. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore and you’re about to lose (your shit), they do something amazing and it brings your heart so much joy. That’s what gets us through the hard moments of parenting…

All the simple, amazing joys.

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