How To Do The Things You Don’t Want To Do

How To Do The Things You Don’t Want To Do

OK, I want to share this with y’all. You know I feel last year was crazy hard. I won’t even get into it. With that said I am determined to have a great 2016. My motto this year is to #livewithoutfear. That is not easy or simple, I know, but it’s doable.

Our lives are so busy and exhausting. I’m not complaining, it just is what it is. And I probably wouldn’t want it any other way. The amount of work we do in business and as parents is insane. But we do it together.

The work piles up. The taxes, the bills, the emails, homeschooling, housework, the ordering that needs to be done, merchandise, I can go on and on, but you get the point. It can feel crippling. I’m sure that many of you can relate to things like this in your own life.

This week I decided to take charge of my life. I am the only one that can make this year awesome! No one else can do that for me. No one else can do that for you. So all of those things that have added up and are stressing us out, I’ve asked myself, “Do I want to take it into next week with me?” If the answer is, “ABSOLUTELY NOT”, then I have faced it, sucked it up, and gotten it taken care of.

I can’t even begin to tell you all I’ve gotten done this week. It’d be a ridiculous list. It has been the most productive week I’ve had in a long time. And it feels amazing! AH.MAZE.ING.

I’ve handled my shit, prioritized, and then had time to relax with my husband and family. There will always be stuff to do, but don’t let it become a weight that holds you back or down. Stay on top of it and if you really don’t want to do it, make sure you’re OK taking it into next week with you.

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