What Powerlifting Taught Me In One Week

What Powerlifting Taught Me In One Week

What powerlifting taught me in one week…

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As you’ve seen I started lifting this week. I’ve wanted to practice a different kind of self care for my mental and physical health. I’ve never loved working out. I rather stay home and work out my Netflix subscription or sweat it out in a bath.

My husband loves working out. It’s his way to anchor himself. As he’s been on his own journey he has shifted from a body building approach to more of a powerlifting one and that piqued my interest. Hmmmm, your goals are based on getting stronger? That’s kinda cool, I can dig that.

We’ve been talking about it for a few weeks and I have been interested but always feel too tired and worn out. I decided I was starting last week no matter what.

It has been an experience that has shifted what I believe about myself on deeper levels than ever before.

I had no clue I had a whole other layer of negative self talk going on. It was being a sneaky little prick hiding behind false truths.

“You’re too tired. You have been inactive so long. You’re getting older. You’ve become weak.” I didn’t realize it was negative self talk because to me it was the ‘reality’ or simple truth. I was proven wrong this week.

Learning to do a deadlift with the 45 lb. bar!
Learning to do a deadlift with the 45 lb. bar!

I went to this gym with my husband. Not your typical membership, mainstream, pretty gym. More like a gritty, get dirty, and drop those heavy weights kind of gym. As he showed me around I felt the self doubt, insecurities, and fear slowly rising from that deep seated place they have been hiding, rising up to the surface. By the time he was done showing me around I was in tears. He instantly hugged me and asked me what was going on. I told him I felt inadequate and embarrassed being there. I told him I felt weak.

He said, “Babe, everyone starts somewhere. Heck, when I started again I was barely lifting much weight and in a year time I’ve come a far way and so will you.”

“I know I know, I just have to get these emotions out now so I can just do this! Thank you.”

“You may just surprise yourself.”


With him in my corner I did just that. I pushed and pulled more weight than I thought I could and in just one workout I realized I’d been lying to myself.

I literally thought I couldn’t do squats. Then I did. Every workout. I benched the bar (45lbs) and was impressed! Then my husband said, “That looked easy, let’s add weight!” I ended up doing 85 lbs (5 sets of 5). I learned how to dead lift and did that with the bar then added weight this week. As well as overhead pressed and even added weight to barbell rows.

I basically shattered my weakness truth and replaced it with a badass strong woman truth.

january harshe powerlifting
Deadlifting 95 lbs for a set of 5.

In one week I’ve made a new reality for myself.

I AM strong, I am capable, and I can do this and so much more.

It has changed things in me mentally I didn’t even know I needed. It has made me see my body in a whole new way and love it on an even deeper level. It’s made me feel more respect for myself and confidence at a new high. And this is just the beginning.

It’s becoming my new mental, emotional, and physical ‪‎anchor‬ and that’s exciting. ⚓️ I have a feeling this is going to change a lot of things for me and I can’t wait.

Not to mention, my husband already finds me sexy, so seeing me lift weights and break through barriers (mentally and physically), well he can barely keep himself from stripping my clothes off regularly.  I’m not complaining.

{second time deadlifting and I went from the 45lb bar to 135lbs}

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