Not Another Ideal Motherhood Post

Not Another Ideal Motherhood Post

We are on day 2 of no media (more on my snap chat: januaryharshe). This isn’t some master plan we have or even a post about doing no media actually. Just sharing my cute kids and how we are having a little reset.

Everyone was getting way too dependent on shows and while #netflixismysisterwife, she needed a vacation too. Don’t worry, we aren’t divorcing, I love her too much. Our preschooler is a media addict (that’s a whole other post or book, rather). The baby was even becoming way too obsessed and hyper over mother goose club. While it’s adorable at her young age of 16 months she can show us how smart she is with the remote and the excitement on her face when it comes on, it’s not cute when she screams because it’s not on.

So, we kept it all off yesterday. It got worse before it got better. It’s always that way. By the late afternoon though things were calming down and the children were finding other things to entertain themselves that didn’t include young dramatic shows, angry birds on the nabi, or mario galaxy on the wii. We have been playing a lot of cards, more drawing and reading, pool time, and cooking together. Rediscovering toys and using imaginations for made up games.

january harshe

BUT listen, I’ll never tell you that you should feel bad over your littles having media. Heck, we may end up watching all the shows tomorrow and we watched Hunger Games with our oldest last night (she read the books) after the other kids went to bed.

Parenthood is survival mode most the time. Y’all know I think if your kids are loved, fed, and sheltered… everything else is minor or extra.

These Pinterest type motherhood articles telling you the ideals of parenting are just that… ideals in a perfect world. So basically you’re judging yourself as a parent against an idealistic article that is actually unrealistic. So…stop.

Our lives aren’t perfect. They aren’t black and white. We are all living somewhere in the gray area.

So give yourself grace and simply live, laugh, and love as much as possible because you are doing the best you can and that’s enough dammit. Only compare yourself to you, no others. Your life is not their life and theirs is not yours. Don’t forget it never has to be perfect (wha is?) and it will change on a regular basis as changes happen in your life (pregnancy, another baby, a move, a new job, a loss in your family/life, your whole family getting the damn flu, etc.). Just remember, the ebb and flow for your family is unique to your family and that is beautiful in itself.


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