Social Media Anxiety

Social Media Anxiety

If everyone could stop internalizing everything they see on the Internet that would be fucking great. Everything is not about you/every person. Every situation and every person is different. If you want to be understood, not judged, and supported… Then you need to do that for others too! It goes both ways friends.

No wonder social anxiety is increasing exponentially. Everyone is up everyone else’s ass. Too much information is thrown at us. Our brains can’t keep up, can’t process or rest. We are in each other’s business too much and it is causing fear of being bullied or judged. We are taking in more than we can actually handle.

Getting a (((hug))) in a comment is not the same as getting a real damn hug. When was last time you called a friend instead of texting? When was last time you actually had a two or three minute conversation with a stranger in person instead of just ‘I’m fine’ or avoiding eye contact? There’s so much beauty in this world. Everyone has a story to tell. Stop missing out!

Social media has many positives, but it can also become a horrible negative. I’m not gonna tell you to get off social media, because I know most of you won’t, neither am I as of right now, however… don’t let it consume your life. Don’t take in so much negativity that it leaves you feeling jaded, anxious, hurt, or angry. Don’t let it replace real life interactions.

Don’t get caught up in thinking the world is black-and-white and arguing over every damn thing. We are all living somewhere in the grey. None of us live an ideal life, so stop judging each other based on these ideals and unrealistic expectations.

Do step back, breathe, and live without fear! If all fails, or you’re having a bad day, remember to choose kindness first or just walk away. It’s a choice.

It. Is. The. Internet.

If it’s getting to be too much, take a break, turn it off, walk away, do an act of kindness, put good into the word, and go live your life with people that love you and you love. I love you friends, and please don’t get offended. See the good in this message. ❤️

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