It’s OK To Say I Wanted This But It’s Hard

It’s OK To Say I Wanted This But It’s Hard

Toddlers, preschoolers, young kids, oh my! They’re ridiculously cute and so damn hard. We currently have a toddler and a spirited five year old. These two are harder right now than my older four kids put together, so don’t feel bad if you ‘only’ have one or two children and you are struggling. This parenting gig is not for the weak.


I have raised a lot of kids these ages and my five year old has been the most challenging by far. He humbles me greatly. I will not judge you as a parent because of him, so he says you’re welcome.

No, really and quite literally he tells us, “You’re welcome for me being nice.” Thanks kid.

Our young toddler is such a joy, like literally everything she says is cute, but this age, well, we are over it. We are ready to move past teething, diapers, and the screeching phases.

And guess what? IT’S OK TO FEEL THAT WAY. It’s OK to say “I want(ed) this, but it’s hard.” It’s OK to say you’re over a phase. It’s ok to feel your kid is being a big fat jerk. Because guess what? Parents aren’t perfect, they’re human. Gasp. Some days are better than others. Some days you nail everything perfectly and other days you’re searching for the hidden stash of wine and chocolate by 9:30am.

img_0114Some kids are chill as f*ck and some kids make you wonder which one of your ancestors had an affair with a hot demon god, because the evil DNA must be there somewhere.

Then, just when you can’t take it anymore they stop screaming their bloody heads off and smile at you just like this moment right here. Then you remember why you had kids and that it will all be OK, maybe, with Zoloft and day drinking.

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