Healing From Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Raw Foods

Healing From Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Raw Foods

I’ve eaten raw vegan a few times over the years. Most recently since having my last baby almost 22 months ago. After having my last two babies (numbers five and six) my body has not felt the same. There has been a shift in my hormones and how I feel emotionally and physically. Migraines, anxiety, postpartum depression, gallbladder issues, etc. On paper my blood work and vitals are perfect. How I feel day to day though is another story. It’s new for me to struggle feeling ‘myself’.

I constantly go back and forth on what I ‘should do’. When it comes to food, it’s an even more vicious cycle. Healing our bodies with food is not always so easy. Food is a comfort for everyone on some level and for me…well it’s like a bad best friend. I love her and don’t want to break away from that toxic relationship I feel attached to. I feel invested dammit! However to be healthy, it’s necessary to burn that bridge.

This morning I woke up and stopped the conversation in my head before it got past, “Well maybe I should eat…”. I stopped the chatter and firmly made a decision. I have been pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding babies for almost 14 years now. The new season is finally here and I’m embracing it. No more pregnancies no more breastfeeding. It’s time to heal my body from the inside out. I gave my body over to creating and nurturing six incredible lives and that is miraculous!

My body and mind deserve just as many years of care, nutrition, and love as I gave my babies. Now it’s time to make sure that this body can continue to thrive for myself, my family, and the many adventures to come!

raw vegan food shopping

Day 1 Shopping was a lot. A LOT. I kind of freaked out of how much it cost but my husband was there to remind me it’s my health insurance and the cost of not doing this will far greater. We got a few things at Whole Foods, then the rest at Sprouts and HEB. A lot of it I won’t need to buy again, like Coconut Aminos for example. Over time, raw vegan becomes comparable, if not a little cheaper, as we don’t eat out and I start knowing what I need and where to get it cheaper.

While our family is mostly vegan, they are not all going raw vegan. Although I foresee them all eating a pretty high raw vegan diet simply because of the changes I’m making. Which is kind of badass in my opinion.

I’ll be posting my Postpartum Healing with Raw Vegan journey regularly on my Snapchat (januaryharshe) and my other instagram @thosecrazyvegans. In the meantime, here is the snaps from day one if you missed them!

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Please note: I keep shit real. I don’t edit or fix bloopers or worry about things looking perfect. This is real life, y’all, and personally I always find that more helpful when I’m looking to someone for inspiration and ideas because it’s more relatable!

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