Raw Vegan Day Two; Cranky Mood and Adjusting

Raw Vegan Day Two; Cranky Mood and Adjusting

Today was a struggle. Everything was bothering me. Everytime I heard someone crunch on chips or ice I wanted to throw them across the state of Texas. GO. THE. F#CK. AWAY.

After breakfast, getting adjusted by Brandon and stretching, I felt better. Or at least I didn’t want to kick anyone in the chins for breathing.

I’ve started stretching daily (well for three days, that counts right?) and it’s helping a lot. Maybe it will lead to yoga, maybe not. In the meantime it give me self care time to think and to help my body feel better with powerlifting.


I realized after my breakfast of all fruit, the adjustment, and stretching that I needed some FAT! So I ate a few avocados and felt much better. They also gave me enough energy to powerlift (more on that later). I had a few handfuls of raw nuts and seeds after the workout as well. I did also have MRM BCAAs and Hydrate Factor today. I’m used to having those for my workouts and didn’t want to change that (yet).

raw foods avocado

By the afternoon I needed a meal. Not a few fruits or this or that, but a M.E.A.L. That’s one that that can feel hard when transitioning to raw foods. You sometimes don’t feel satisfied because you haven’t had the feeling of eating a meal.

Raw walnut ‘meat’ tacos are always my go to when transitioning to raw and needing to feel satisfied (mentally) and get full. If you watch the video below, just a few things. You don’t need to soak anything if you don’t have time. The second one I made did not have sun dried tomatoes. I ended up adding coconut aminos as well. I’m going to play around to perfect my favorite recipe and will post when I do!

raw walnut meat tacos

Throughout the evening I had Kombucha, more water, raw chocolate, a banana, and a few yummy caramel macaroons. I guess that’s what raw vegan snacking looks like and I like it!

Here are my snaps from day 2 if you missed them. You can follow along on Snapchat: januaryharshe.

Much love,


Just note: I keep shit real. I don’t edit or fix bloopers or worry about things looking perfect. This is real life y’all and personally I always find it more helpful when I’m looking to someone for inspiration and ideas because it’s more relatable!


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