Days 3-7 Raw Vegan Recap; Thanksgiving, Migraines, Muscle Spams, and Digestion

Days 3-7 Raw Vegan Recap; Thanksgiving, Migraines, Muscle Spams, and Digestion

january harshe, raw veganI wish I could blog daily about what I’m eating in detail, but with six kids, multiple social media sites, running Birth Without Fear, as well as support groups…well, I’m ridiculously proud of myself for blogging about it at all! If you are on Instagram you can see more updates on @thosecrazyvegans and if you are on snapchat, that’s where I post the most (januaryharshe).

You can read about day one and two here and here.

Let me do a quick summary of the days three through seven.

Day 3

I got a horrible migraine that knocked me down a few hours. After a nap and questioning why in the world I thought eating raw vegan was a good idea, I got over myself. I reminded myself that I’m in charge of my body and my mind is really damn powerful. So I got up and hydrated a ton, ate some yummy food, and moved on with my day. Within two hours it was gone and I felt better.

Day 4

I had muscle spasms all day long and all over my body. I also got an ocular migraine. I started getting these after having my last baby and they seem to come when there’s sensory and stress overload. I laid down for about 15 minutes then drank water with MRM’s hydrate factor. The migraine was not as bad as they usually are and left rather quickly. After the migraines and muscle spams I figured my body was working through a bunch of shit. Hey, I’m not a scientist. I’m a normal person and I keep it real.

This was also Thanksgiving, so when it came to food it was an awesome day! I made my family gluten free vegan pancakes for breakfast while I enjoyed juice and fruit. We also made vegan mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. The raw dishes were a rainbow kale salad with a cashew dressing, a banana and apple ‘strudel’ with a date sauce, and raw vegan pumping pie. The pie was THE BEST!vegan thansgivingDay 5

It was pretty laid back and chill. I mean… I had pumpkin pie for lunch. I wasn’t too hungry all day.

raw vegan thanksgiving

Day 6

I felt I was finally finding my way through the day and what I needed, liked, and did not like. I had raw tacos for dinner. I make them with walnut ‘meat’ and it’s super easy. I look up recipes on Pinterest y’all! During the evening I felt light headed and a little nauseous. I drank more water, had a banana, and watched Vampire Diaries. P.S. I did not eat all those, but wouldn’t feel bad if I had. raw tacosDay 7 {Today}

I told Brandon yesterday I was waiting for my body to ‘clean out’. I woke up today and my body told me it heard me. Let’s just say I feel ten pounds lighter. I’m actually really glad about this. It ties into how my gallbladder feels and is a big reason I’m doing this.  I want to put food into my body that will nourish, heal, and have purpose.

I wanted to eat my kids lunch today, and since tomorrow is shopping day, the food choices were blah. I went to the store and bought some raw treats for dinner. Any time I’ve questioned this journey or want to start talking myself into eating cooked foods, I simply remind myself I made a commitment and I’m simply eating raw vegan and that’s that.

Blog posts to come…

I am getting plenty of protein.

I’m still drinking coffee. {You do you boo}

Much love,



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