Who Is January Harshe?

january 4th trimester photos

4th Trimester Photos, Ashlee Wells Jackson

It’s been rumored that I’m part unicorn, part mermaid, mostly due to my sass and ridiculous hair. It’s been confirmed I am a wife who’s in love with her husband’s beard and a mom to six awesome kids. Also, I’m a coffee and sarcasm addict, a blogger, a speaker, and a Body Positive and Self Care advocate. My most recent adventure… becoming one of those crazy vegans!

But to me, I’m just…me. I’ve learned to love myself in my skin and try to inspire other women to do the same. It’s quite liberating actually. I love being with friends, and listening to everything from hip hop to country. I love food, traveling (although I hate to fly), and movies. Basically, I do not fit a mold, or into a box, or any labels. And I love it like that.

I own Birth Without Fear where I blog and run its social media sites. I also organize Birth Without Fear MeetUps and Conferences, speaking at those and other events across the country. In my spare time I like to–oh, wait, I don’t have any.

I’ve had two cesarean births, a hospital VBAC and two homebirths (unassisted). I have formula fed, pumped, breastfed, tandem nursed (yep, two kids…but they had to take turns), used a crib, co-slept, homeschooled, and sent them all to school. Basically, I do what I can with what I have, learn from it, then do my best. No matter what I’m doing to survive the craziness of motherhood, I love my children and I am a good mother.

January HarsheI’ve been financially secure and homeless. I’ve moved way too much and I spend way too many hours working to help others.

Through it all, I’ve been in love with my amazing husband who stands by my side no matter what my passions and dreams are. He is probably the only man who could ever handle being married to me. (Don’t be fooled…he loves it).

My hope is my children. My passion is to inspire others.

*Header Image by Kalimana Film Stories.