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January Harshe is Creating Podcasts & Communities on Patreon!

As a wife, mother of six amazing humans, creator of movements, business woman, and published author, I have learned the importance of setting boundaries and feircly speaking up for what I need and want. I have lived through criticisms for simply existing and creating, but I choose to live life boldly and unapologetically, and I aim to empower other humans to speak up for themselves just as courageously.

January Harshe on Patreon!

January’s Podcast is where I, “Mama J,” shout my bold messages of boundaries, self love, and empowerment from the virtual rooftops. You are sure to feel my BOLD words, and they will give you the courage to take absolute charge of your life and lay out boundaries with everyone, including (and especially with) yourself!

This space on Patreon will be for me to share more than I ever have before. I have laser focus and mindfulness in how I want to connect with you here. We won’t be held back by logarithms or shadow-bans or threats of removal (of our community).

Emotional labor is work. My patreon will not only be a safe, loving space for you to find solidarity and growth – but will also allow me to keep showing up for you AND my family.

Much love,
Mama J

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