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Postpartum Together with Chelsea Skaggs

In this episode, January Harshe interviews Chelsea Skaggs of Postpartum TogetherChelsea is a postpartum advocate and coach who is committed to helping women kick the pressure to be “Pinterest Perfect” and have real, raw conversations to acknowledge and empower the postpartum experience. She focuses on a small group format to bring postpartum women together to learn about, connect over and be not alone through postpartum.

  • 00:47 – Chelsea Skaggs intro
  • 04:23 – Why Take Back Postpartum was created
  • 05:17 – Ideas of what postpartum should be
  • 06:28 – The two times a woman’s body changes and she doesn’t have a say
  • 09:10 – Postpartum during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 10:16 – Positive & negative reality of postpartum during this time period
  • 13:05 – Chelsea’s experience with social distancing because of an immunocompromised child
  • 16:15 – Friendships have seasons
  • 17:03 – January’s sobriety journey
  • 18:02 – We’re all on the same playing field now
  • 20:24 – Support for postpartum parents during this time
  • 21:38 – Forgetting early days of postpartum
  • 22:26 – Having partners home during this time
  • 24:10 – Avoiding misery matches
  • 24:35 – Shifting expectations
  • 26:15 – New project, new roles
  • 27:30 – Regarding single parents
  • 28:19 – Postpartum loneliness during social distancing
  • 34:04 – Opening yourself up to receiving help
  • 37:07 – Unloading emotional baggage between friends
  • 38:30 – Support for people in the birth community
  • 40:53 – You have permission for this to be a messy season
  • 42:47 – Final thoughts on postpartum
  • 44:01 – January’s Patreon

Find Chelsea Skaggs on Instagram: @postpartumtogether


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