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Sobriety is Not Linear w/ Brittney Carbone

January chats with Brittney Carbone about sober life and what it entails, support or lack thereof, the dangers of alcohol marketing to moms, and other forms of addiction.

  • 00:00 – Show intro
  • 01:16 – Brittany Carbone intro
  • 04:20 – Why sober for Brittany?
  • 09:26 – Why sober for January?
  • 12:40 – Just do a little!
  • 13:35 – January’s fascination with marketing
  • 15:47 – Sober self discovery 
  • 20:06 – What support looks like for sober moms
  • 24:42 – First AA meeting
  • 29:56 – Brittany’s struggle with binge eating
  • 33:55 – January’s struggle with orthorexia
  • 36:22 – Struggling with body shame
  • 43:50 – re-recording your inner dialogue
  • 44:55 – The era of “get over it!”
  • 47:14 – Turning point with “restricting & binging”
  • 55:19 – Food addiction vs alcohol addiction
  • 59:26 – Being honest with yourself
  • 1:05:09 – What works for one may not work for another
  • 1:05:58 – January’s veganism theory
  • 1:09:22 – Final words on sobriety
  • 1:13:00 – Wrapping up
  • 1:14:42 – Brittany’s contact info
  • 1:15:22 – January’s Patreon info

Brittney Carbone is a holistic coach who specializes in mindset/lifestyle transformation, a WBFF Pro Fitness Model and motivational speaker.

She completely transformed her life by getting sober, overcoming an eating disorder and losing 65+ lbs. Through her struggles, she found her purpose and passion in helping others do the same. Brittney believes that living a healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, but also transforms the way you experience your life. She is committed to supporting others on their journey self discovery and unconditional self love.

You can find Brittney Carbone at:




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